Progression as Regression

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‘The Brigadier in Bhimtal’

An early start into the lush Himalayan forest gave dappled light and dancing beams upon the leaves. Passing through and beyond the local forest village we were reminded of the relativity of the tranquility by sounds of frequent trucks passing... Continue Reading →


‘Fly Away’

Fly away, plug in to your chosen third world metropolis with the arrogant urgency that accompanies our civilisation, departure lounge to lounge, no sense of progression or gradual change necessary within this flying tube. Watch out for those greedy beggars... Continue Reading →

‘Civilisation & Icarus’

One is not worried on approach to the sun but instead looking back and instructing others to follow, extolling the virtues and righteous nature of the journey. Modern man has indeed become Icarus, ignorant to the boiling wax scalding bare... Continue Reading →

‘Of transvestites, tea and trains in the Indian Subcontinent’

Journeys on the rail network of this country all possess a kind of incandescence, a maintained crescendo of a huge variety of human activity which has been known to overwhelm those unaccustomed to its nature. A throwing together of colours,... Continue Reading →

Paying Homage To Overlooked Contributors

Our society has a gift for being able to neatly overlook provenance, whether that be in relation to so called eco-knowledge and ‘green’ attitudes which have been in existence for thousands of years within tribal societies, or in the field... Continue Reading →

COP21 & the battle over the climate narrative

In the wake of the Paris negotiations last month there certainly are many positives which can be drawn from the debate. Levels of public interest in climate change and the recognition from politicians across the globe of the need to... Continue Reading →

An update on progress from our documentary in the Amazon

Following the last update in late March we entered Achuar territory where we stayed for a period of two weeks. It was a great introduction to indigenous life in the Amazon and some of the current political complexities which exist... Continue Reading →

Runaway Slaves & the Seminole Nation of Florida

A piece detailing the fascinating history of the relationship between the Seminole Native American tribe of Florida and escapee African slaves. From the 17th-19th centuries Africans had escaped into Seminole territory from plantations and had gradually become integrated into Seminole... Continue Reading →

Aboriginal Australia and the continued violation of rights

There are many countries across the globe which have a very poor record in their dealings with indigenous people but Australia stands out for three reasons: it’s relatively recent settlement, the fact that it happened directly as a result of... Continue Reading →

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