One is not worried on approach to the sun but instead looking back and instructing others to follow, extolling the virtues and righteous nature of the journey.

Modern man has indeed become Icarus, ignorant to the boiling wax scalding bare flesh. We are unable, or unwilling, to see where our current path leads. Unwavering in our loyalty to a notion of progress and modernity we have created. And as our civilisation has so voraciously insisted on enforcing its model on all societies encountered in a global drive towards homogeneity, there are now fewer and fewer alternative options offered to the model we employ.

So apparently complex are the levels and webs of power, populations, corporations and agencies that the natural tendency for most who, at one time, questioned status quos is to succumb to apathy. It is understandably believed by many that the webs of parties and connected power structures are simply too complex. All interrelate in the maddened pursuit of profit gleaned from a purely extractive approach towards the earth and its resources, in some way legitimised by the absurd creation of economic measurement indices: GDP as the unquestionable authority amongst these.

The reality of each new generation effectively beginning on a blank lobotomised slate, a constantly new starting point no longer tempered and influenced by historical memory means that each generation is normalised to its current reality (i.e. norms reset on a generation by generation basis rather than operating on a longer time cycle). As a result, a consistently degrading environment is not seen rightfully in the longer time span which would give greater impetus to enact meaningful change, but rather its current health will be compared only to its health at the start of the current generations’ memory. This, it seems, could well be the final nail in the coffin of our societies upon this earth: our inability to remember properly, a key precursor to enacting change, ensuring that things continue on in the same vein. Dissenters are peripheralised as dreamers, hippies or anarchic idealists, whilst capital generation in a moral vacuum is idolised.

The sane have indeed become the mad, and the unquestionably psychotic are now the upstanding citizens. Progression has become regressive and modernity one and the same with earth death.