Alongside a colleague I have been working for the past year on the documentary film ‘Reimagining Progress- Voices from the Ecuadorian Amazon’.

It is a film made alongside the indigenous Kichwa and Sapara communities of Ecuador and features their inspiring resistance to numerous challenges they are facing at present in their territories as well as providing an insight into their hugely rich and diverse cultures.


Trailer for the upcoming documentary


The film aims to contribute positively to the current and immediate struggles of these people against illegal incursions onto their lands but also to serve as a tool in the longer term to educate audiences internationally on the vital importance of indigenous peoples. Both in their role as guardians of the Amazon but also in regards to their knowledge which we in the west and other parts of the world could practically learn from and implement in our current struggles against environmental degradation and climate change.

It will be a feature-length documentary which we aim to release by early in 2017. We have now returned from Ecuador with the material recorded and are currently taking the film through editing and post-production.


For further information you can visit the film website or contact us at