Progression as Regression

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‘Peyote Night’ by Humphry Osmond, 1961

An interesting piece written by Osmond in the mid 1950's and published by Tomorrow Magazine in 1961. A psychiatrist and pioneering researcher in the field of psychedelic drugs Osmond's research paved the way for later developments in the field and... Continue Reading →


Interview – Immortal Technique (Felipe Coronel)

This is an interview I did with hip hop artist and activist Felipe Coronel (Immortal Technique) while working with a magazine in London. Below is the original text which appeared in the print edition of the magazine. It begins with... Continue Reading →

Sun Ra & Cosmic Compositions Vol.3 Album

New piece of mine published with Public Pressure Magazine yesterday: "I knew nothing about Sun Ra until some time last year when I was played a hip hop album called ‘Cosmic Compositions Vol.3’ dedicated to him and his work.... Continue Reading →

1960’s Union Carbide Ad Targeting the Indian Market

A clever piece of advertising from Union Carbide, the company responsible for the Bhopal Disaster of 1984. In a pattern that can be seen time and time again the West is conflated with and used to symbolise progress. It can... Continue Reading →

Notions of holy war in Christianity and Islam, a comparative essay

In the context of increased misunderstanding and tension between the West and elements within Islam at present the piece below seems relevant. It provides some context to the concept of Jihad and how it has developed and persisted through into... Continue Reading →

Napoleon on torture

While in Egypt in 1798, Napoleon Bonaparte wrote to General Berthier stating that the “..barbarous custom of whipping men suspected of having important secrets to reveal must be abolished. It has always been recognized that this method of interrogation, by... Continue Reading →

‘The assumption of culture’

“An anthropology which never leaves the boundaries of its own conventions, which disdains to invest its imagination in a world of experience, must always remain more an ideology than a science” -Roy Wagner

Martin Luther King Interview- 1967

Interesting interview with MLK from 1967. One of the only interviews I have seen with him. Discussion on the Vietnam war and communism more generally. One is afforded a different perspective on this great mind in the interview format and... Continue Reading →

Arundhati Roy Pieces

Link to a PDF of Arundhati Roy writing from the years 1998-2003. A great author who has, over time, been involved in a huge number of different struggles and legal battles. Whether in the face of mining corporations attempting to... Continue Reading →

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